Ruby on Rails and The Iron Yard

The past five weeks have been hell. From the time of my last blog post to now, I have put every waking minute and ounce of energy into the Ruby on Rails course at The Iron Yard. This is, without a doubt, not a course for the faint-of-heart.

Ruby on Rails Wallpaper

With that said, I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. I have studied and learned Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, Git, GitHub, HTML, CSS, Sass, APIs, Gems, JSON, Bourbon, Amazon Web Services, S3, and much more. And not just the big picture stuff, but the inner-workings and catalysts that drive these frameworks.

Here are a few projects I’ve worked on over the past weeks:


A movie search app that uses the Rotten Tomatoes API | Rails, Bootstrap, and Rotten Tomatoes API



A clone of Pinterest | Rails, Bootstrap, Bourbon


This was definitely a tough one; however, I made it tough by going beyond the scope of the assignment by adding a ‘repin’ feature. Features of this assignment were to include users, boards, ActiveAdmin, pins, search, user uploads using the Carrierwave gem, and authorization. I’ve included a link for you to check it out. Front-end isn’t my area of focus, so if it’s messed up on your screen, my apologies… I’m still working on that.


A group project we all collaborated on during week 6 | Rails and Bootstrap


We built this app over the course of five days with our teacher, Brian Burridge, who guided us by asking what we should do next. It was a week-long exercise to show us the steps required to build an app and to deploy it to Heroku. He left out a lot of the pieces and styling for us to fix and submit as pull-requests at a later time (as a bonus).

I started this blog off by telling you I’ve gone through hell. But what I didn’t say was I would do it all over again. This is something I enjoy and love to do. This is my passion. Thanks for reading.