Today is the day. D-day. D for developer. I have been eagerly waiting for this morning to arrive. Today is the first class of my Rails Engineering course at The Iron Yard in St. Pete, FL. This will be a three-month coding boot camp that will teach me how to think like a developer. I will learn that failure is what will make me a stronger coder.

The Iron Yard

It is my hope that this blog finds other like-minded people and inspires them to pursue a life as a web developer. I have a wife, a son, a mortgage, and many bills.

The thought of quitting a cush job and spending a lot of money, while unemployed, to become a junior level web developer was nauseating. But the risk of staying in a career field that I had no passion for was too great. I didn’t settle, and neither should you.

I intend to write as often as I can about what I am learning, the lessons I learned from failing, and the struggle and triumphs I overcome while on the path to learning Ruby on Rails.